Temperature Control of Casting Die

Die-cast items are used in various fields including automobile engine. And higher accuracy is reuqiered for the die-cast items today.

In die casting, die is mounted on a die casting machine and molten metal is mechanically injected into the die. By repeating this process, the same product is manufactured in quantity. In such die casting process, temperature control of the die is extremely important as well as the control of gate speed, filling time, casting pressure and shot cycle.

In the past, temperature of the die has been measured by buring thermocouples into the die. As not too many themocouples could be buried, temperature of the entire die could not be measured by this method. On the other hand , TVS can be capture temperature distribution of the entire die surface as a thermography data at the moment the die is opened. Therefore, monitoring can be made whether the temperature of each section of the die is well balanced as designed.

If the die temperature is not appropiate, it may cause dimensional defect, deformation, bending or black residue. If the thick section is not cooled enough, or if initial heating of the die is not enough, product seizure to the die, gall or wrinkle may be caused.

Highly accurate die-cast products can be produced by measuring die temperature by TVS, implementing corrected cooling, or correcting casting conditions such as gate speed or filling time.