Temperature measurement of an electric vehicle

Automobile transportation, including the one by trucks, is a typical method of transportation. As the number of vehicles produced increases, the effect of CO2 and NO2 included in the exhaust gas to enviroment including human beings is becoming a social problem. Under such circumstances, each automobile manufacturer is in a fierce competition in the development of low-pollution cars such as the electric vehicle or the hybrid car.

Electric vehicle is a typical example of low-pollution car. While electric vehicle has some problems yet to be solved such as the recycling of the battery itself in connection with the battery recharging problem and relatively short travel range, heat generation and vibration can be kept to a minimum level because it has no internal combustion engine resulting in no exhaust gas.

We recently compared temperature of  a hood of an electric vehicle to that of a gasoline car both placed outside. As you can see in the photographs below, the hood temperature of an electric vehicle is clearly lower than that of a gasoline car.

Because of its compact and light weight design using a long wave 2 dimensional uncooled sensor, TVS-700 enables accurate temperature measurement even during the day under the sun with minimum effect from  the reflection of sunlight. Thus, applicability of thermography is futher widened.