Measurement of Effect by Medicine

As TVS can display surface temperature distribution of human body in easy-to-understand color thermal image, it is used to measure effectiveness of medicine.

There are manay advertisements of medicine or quasi medicine on TV or magazine showing thermographies, such as an image of a professional soccer player´s leg warmed up due to fatigue after exercise being instantly cooled down by spraying AIR SALONPAS Brand name of this medicine, or an image of human body maintaining warmth for a long time after taking a bath using a bath soluble.

Research on blood circulation accelerator.

TVS was used in an experiment to measure the effect of a blood circulation accelerator which is applied to regions of muscular pain or shoulder stiffness to relieve the symptoms. Room temperature is maintained to be 26°C. Photo 1 shows the temperature distribution of both hands before the experiment. You can see that the area where the vein runs immediately underneath the skin is warmer and the joints are colder. In the case of a normal human body, as the veins run in the body in symmetry, temperature distribution on the body surface also appear in symmetry, almost.

Photo 2 is a thermal image taken immediately after applying circulation accelerator to the back of the left hand, and temperature of the area where the accelerator is applied is lowering in narrow strips. Photo 3 is a thermal image taken minutes after accelerator application. It clearly shows that the temperature of the left hand is rising due to the effect of the blood circulation accelerator whereas there is almost no temperature change on the right hand where accelerator was not applied. (Temperature range is widened in Photos 2 and 3, comparing to Photo 1, to see the temperature change.)