Building Inspection

Using TVS Thermal Video Systems, GRAYESS has inspected buildings for poor insulation:

  • Using thermal imaging a clear picture of any insulation problem is immediately visible by means of the non-invasive nature of the TVS.
  • Outer wall and roof construction of residential and large industrial buildings can be checked for areas where heat is being lost.
  • Checking brick and concrete structures for any moisture ingress that can cause a large amount of heat loss and possible degradation of the bricks and concrete.
  • By using thermal imaging, energy savings can be identified and money can be saved by reducing heating costs.
  • Future problems with chimneys and buildings can be avoided by using the non invasive methods of the TVS over other more invasive methods to check for moisture ingress.

Benefits are:

  • Improved energy and cost efficiency.
  • Early identification of deterioration in a building structure.