Effectivity Measurement of Floor Heating by Gas-Heated Water

It is said that an ideal heating is to be cool for head and warm for feet. Floor Heating by Gas-Heating Water must be a heating system which has realized the ideal heating.

In photo 1, the left  picture shows the thermal image for common heating by air– conditioner and the right picture is floor heating. Both show condition one hour later since the heating has been started.

Pictures in photo 2 show the two thermal images for different heating conditions. With warm air circulation shown in the left, it is seen that a large mount of heat is being generated from airconditioner located at top of room but human body is not warmed up so much. On the contrary, it is seen that the floor heating has being warmed entire body from feet by the heat coming from floor.

And also, each picture of photo 3 shows the heating effect only around feet. In warm air circulation(left), the hand is displayed by red color as being warmed but the feet are displayed by blue color as being cooled (not warmed up). On the contrary, the feet are being warmed up so well with floor heating(right).

So, the floor heating is effective for Raynaud´s phenomenon and for relieving pains from rheumatism. Since the thermal image by TVS represents simply effect of floor heating as shown above, TVS has been used in a TV commercial for the Floor Heating by Gas-Heated Water.

* Information was provided by Tokyo Gas Company