Electric Utilities

Infrared imaging and temperature analysis are a necessity to efficiently and accurately monitor substations, transmission lines, power connections, and other transmission equipment. With the revolutionary Infrared Solutions product line you will be able to diagnose potential problems before they become catastrophic, saving significant dollars on extensive repairs and downtime. By utilizing infrared technology, electric utility companies will be able to increase reliability, conserve costs, and save money. Below are some sample images of an infrared inspection conducted during a routine predictive maintenance check.

DLW1 D R2766 at Hwy Z & 21- Lower portion of elbow was 82.5 deg F, (50 deg above ambient) - circuit load was not checked. The warm part is where the elbow is over the bushing, a likely heat source is either the probe and socket or the OCR bushing. This did not appear to be a pin and connector heat source.

DLW substation- high side switch- latch appeared warm 52 deg F (ambient approx 30 deg)

WIN- Alliant GOAB- center contact on (East circuit) 1654 A.
Ambient ~21.2 deg, switch temp approx 54 deg F- not serious- should be checked again.