Electronics and Electrical Systems

Using TVS Thermal Video Systems GRAYESS has found important uses in the electronics and in electrical systems monitoring:

  • Thermal Imaging is widely used to test electrical control panels to predict possible breakdowns.
  • Using the Thermal Video System, testing and development of power plant equipment becomes easy. By judging the electrical load condition on transformers, power lines and contactors the performance can be improved.

It is also simple to test for phase imbalance on electric motors.

The electronics industry has benefited from using infrared as a diagnostic aid.

  • By using the Thermal Video System the heat, generated from processors, can be monitored. The heat sinks that are used can then be improved to dissipate more of the heat from the processor and other components leading to more reliable circuit boards.
  • By using a full field infrared camera identifying components that have been inserted incorrectly now takes a few minutes which might have previously taken days.

Benefits for using this method are:

  • Due to the high currents used in power plants and electrical panels a non contact method using the Thermal Video System is a far safer means of checking for faults.
  • The time taken to test for problems on any electrical or electronic circuits is short compared with other methods.