Heart Release Design of Electronic Parts

Nowadays, electronic parts become smaller and smaller, and the packaging higher and higher in density. Heat release from electronic parts during operation affects the life span of other electronic parts integrated together, and futhermore electronic equipment itself which integrated those parts. Therefore, it is very important to incorporate appropiate heat release capability at design stage on data obtained by measuring temperature of electronic parts.

Since those electronic parts are very small, the conventional touching-type measuring method, such as the thermocouple cannot measure correct temperature, because touched thermocouple absorbs the heat from the parts of small heat capacity by conduction. TVS is widely used for the heat release design effort since TVS can capture correctly the entere temperature distribution of the object without touching to the object and displays it as thermal image.

1. Temperature Measurement in Stationary State

Analyzing the temperaturer distribution data in stationary helps to design the releasing, such as regulating heat genelation of parts itself or reing or cooling capability within the equipment.

2. Temperature Changes right after Turning Power ON

By displaying temperature change on a Printed Circuit Board right after poer is supplied, non-uniform characteristics among the parts can be seen.