02/27/15 IRT Cronista gets "Contrast Enhancement"

Enhance the contrast of your IR-images with just one click.

12/04/14 Flir distributors teamed up with GRAYESS... use their Flir cameras together with GRAYESS' sophisticated software solution IRT KilnMonitor !

12/01/14 IRT Cronista gets NEW features !

Two new features for IRT Cronista.

11/06/14 IRT Cronista now supports FLIR ONE

IRT Cronista is now able to read, organize and analyze FLIR ONE image files.

04/28/14 GRAYESS' IRT Kiln Monitor in magazine "Inspect"

"Inspect" authors are convinced of kiln monitoring by IRT KilnMonitor

04/12/11 IRT Cronista 3.6 Released

IRT Cronista is now available as Professional and Standard version!

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