Flir distributors teamed up with GRAYESS...

12/04/14 04:56 AM Age: 3 yrs use their Flir cameras together with GRAYESS' sophisticated software solution IRT KilnMonitor !

Cement production is a complex process. One step of it is blending limestone with other components in big rotary furnaces. These furnaces or kilns are a critical asset of cement production plants. In those kilns their contents will be heated up to 1500C. There is a risk of overheating which can cause serious damage to the kiln shell. Damages on the kilns can lead to enormous financial losses.

Monitoring kilns with thermal infrared scanners is nothing new in this business. But scanners have two main disadvantages:

  • they are heavy & bulky, which makes the installation neither easy nor cheap
  • scanners are expensive and need frequent service because of their moving parts

Having on the one hand the importance of monitoring kilns and on the other hand the disadvantages of kiln monitoring by scanners in mind GRAYESS advanced its IRT KilnMonitor. This full featured monitoring system - which allows to display, process and trace data from several kilns at once - is the only solution on the market working with 2D infrared cameras of all well-known camera manufacturers! Of course different Line Scanners are also supported.

IRT KilnMonitor is the industry-leading environment for real-time kiln data acquisition, analysis and control and therefore the perfect tool to extend the lifetime of kiln refractury.


These facts encouraged Flir distributors Inprotec IRT S.r.l. (Italy) and Yellotec (South Africa) to offer a high quality all-in-one solution, consisting of GRAYESS' IRT KilnMonitor and the Flir infrared cameras.

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To learn more about the IRT KilnMonitor system please check out the software description on our homepage.