GRAYESS' IRT Kiln Monitor in magazine "Inspect"

04/28/14 06:34 AM Age: 4 yrs

"Inspect" authors are convinced of kiln monitoring by IRT KilnMonitor

In the 2/2014 issue of the german magazine "Inspect" the authors expose the advantages of permanent infrared kiln monitoring by IRT KilnMonitor.

"IRT KilnMonitor is a highly sophisticated software system which enables the user to simultaneously monitor, analyze and evaluate data - provided by infrared cameras - of several kilns."

The article highlights that even world-market leader FLIR is convinced by the abilities of GRAYESS' IRT KilnMonitor and uses the software system for monitoring kilns in the cement industry.

To learn more about the IRT KilnMonitor check out the software descripton.

To read the full article (german) on kiln monitoring by using GRAYESS IRT KilnMonitor click on the link provided in the box above.