IRT Cronista gets NEW features !

12/01/14 08:46 AM Age: 3 yrs

Two new features for IRT Cronista.

GRAYESS advanced IRT Cronista !

IRT Cronista has got two new features:

  • Hot/Cold spot detection on a line tool/ in an area tool (IRT Cronista Standard + Professional)

In earlier versions of the software the values of hot/cold spots on a line and hot/cold spots in an area tool were shown. In the latest release of IRT Cronista not only the value of those points are shown automatically but also the location of these points will be marked

  • sequence player (IRT Cronista PRO only)

Until now only viewing of infrared sequences was possible in IRT Cronista PRO. We advanced this feature for you. Now you can extract/save single images out of a sequence and analyze it.