IRT Cronista now supports FLIR ONE

11/06/14 08:39 AM Age: 3 yrs

IRT Cronista is now able to read, organize and analyze FLIR ONE image files.

GRAYESS is well-known for its ongoing software development as well as for its wide range of supported camera manufacturers.

For this reasons GRAYESS now enabled its IRT Cronista to read, organize and analyze images of Flir's iPhone infrared camera ONE immediately after its market entry.

Owners of Flir ONE cameras are now able to use all benefits provided by GRAYESS' IRT Cronista software:

  • fast and comprehensive reports of the daily work with only one mouse click
  • customized layout templates to match your needs
  • clearly structured and easy-to-use interface
  • wide range of high-quality and powerful analysis tools

To learn more about IRT Cronista please check out our software description and request a trial version!