IRT Cronista Revision History

IRT Cronista 3.5

Build 6.50.0>

  1. Reporter: Tables (image info, analysis data, notations).
  2. Reporter: Inplace infrared image editor built into Microsoft Word.
  3. Trends
  4. Trends with Prognosis function (prediction, extrapolation).
  5. Analysis: Temperature difference between all analysis objects.
  6. Analysis: Improved dew point visualization.
  7. 3D sequence player.
  8. Export to AVI video format.

IRT Cronista 3.0

  1. New revised report system in Microsoft Word (COM Add-In).
  2. Summary Table with a convenient dialog to edit it. (Report System).
  3. Fields Editor: special dialog to insert all available fields. There are many more parameters to export to the report. (Report System).
  4. Special Template with hints to help to create a new template. (Report System).
  5. Picture placeholders can be resized in the ready report without quality loss. Pictures are retaken automatically from IRT Cronista with the changed size. (Report System).
  6. Fusion Technology: infrared and visual image overlay with different options (transparency, alarm range, alignment).
  7. Palette Editor: conversion to 16 colors, palette inversion.
  8. Isotherms: top isotherm, bottom isotherm, dual isotherms, range isotherms.
  9. Dew point calculator, dew point isotherm.
  10. Notations Briefcase: convenient place to keep high-usage notation sets.

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